From Australian Aboriginal Legends

Moon and Nautilus Legend

In the Dreamtime legend from Arnhemland, the moon when not visible, descends into the… read more

Sun Woman - Moon Man

The sun is a woman who ran away from her tribe because the elders… read more

Mimi Spirits

There are said to be two groups of Aboriginal spirits, the aggressive demon  Namandi… read more

Lightning Elder

This design is based on the rock-art of Delamere located in Western Arnhemland. It… read more

Lightning Brother - Rabbit Ears

This third Lightning brother performed the same functions as his brothers. He looked over… read more

Lightning Brother - Square Head

In addition to the Lightning Elder with his boomerang, there are two other brothers,… read more

3 Lightning Brothers

The three Lightning brothers are also available in exclusive jewelly pieces.

Available as… read more


The exclusive boomerang peices are available as pendant and earrings in silver, gold plated,… read more